The comfort and safety of all guests is of highest priority here.  I personally do not like rules.  However, in order to maintain a safe and pleasant environment, some are necessary.

1.  No smoking allowed within any building on the premises.  You may smoke outside in designated areas, and please use the sand buckets         for disposal of live ashes and butts.

2.  No candles allowed.  The reason is for fire safety.

3.  Laundry and kitchen facilities are for staff use only.  However, guests may be invited to participate in kitchen activities if they wish. 4. Dining is allowed in the main dining room, kitchen, and upstairs kitchenette.  Please do not bring food into bedrooms.

5.  Wi-fi is by satellite and is to be shared by all guests.  Please do not download movies or videos.  If you wish to watch a certain movie,             other arrangements are available.

6.  Quiet hours are from 11:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

7.  Please do not leave money, jewelry, phones, cameras, or other valuables unattended as I cannot be responsible for their loss.  This is a         secure environment and if you wish to leave anything of value, safekeeping can be provided.

8.  Unfortunately this is not a child friendly home.  However I will accommodate families on an individual basis.  If so, all children must be       under close parental supervision at all times, and are expected to be on their best behavior.

9.  No more than 4 occupants per room for overnight guests.

10.Please do not adjust thermostats or other controls in common areas.  If you have comfort issues, I will be happy to address them.

11.Please be careful not to flush cotton, plastic, or metal items down toilets as the sewer system here requires a series of pumps which                 could possibly become damaged.

12.Sorry, no pets allowed.  If you are travelling with them and wish to stay here, arrangements can be made for their care at an excellent           quality local boarding kennel.

In a shared environment, consideration of others is an absolute requirement for a pleasant and memorable visit.  In all cases, if any problem whatsoever arises please don't hesitate to let me know immediately so I can attend to it and solve it expediently.